Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Bit About Myself

In my Welcome Post, I gave you the basic rundown on *me.* In this post, I will go into a bit more detail! ^_^

Real Name: Anne, though most people call me Annie.

Name I go by in the Pagan community: Anouchka, a name which was given to me by a dear-but-departed friend. I haven't settled on the surname, but presently I am using a tribute to my God & Goddess until I find the surname that fits me best. That tribute is Tempus Terra (Tempus: Time, Terra: Earth.)

My God & Goddess: My God is the Greek God of Time, Chronos. My Goddess is the Earth Goddess, Gaia. For a some time, I struggled at choosing my patron deities. I will admit that for a while, I didn't know much about any Gods or Goddesses. But after I studied long and hard on the different deities who called to me, I realized that I have always known who my God & Goddess are. Since I was young, I've always envisioned Mother Earth & Father Time watching over me as I made my way through life. It took me a while to realize what that meant, but I am glad that I finally have! As above mentioned, until I find my proper magickal surname, I will be using a tribute in Latin to Mother Earth & Father Time, Tempus Terra, as the name that follows Anouchka.

Why I (personally) Spell Magick With A "K": A lot of Pagan/Wiccan people look down upon the usage of the letter "k" in magick... I however find it useful. When someone says "magic," I think of rabbit out of a hat, card up your sleeve magic. To differentiate, I use the "k."

Solitary Casting: Most of my casting is done solitary. I am a very private person when it comes to my spells and rituals unless I know you well, and even then a lot of the time I'd rather cast alone. I don't have anything against casting with others, but sometimes it seems more spiritual when done alone. I have an altar set up in my bedroom where I cast, and sometimes when the house is empty, I will cast on the big dining room table.

Group Casting: When I do cast in a group, it is with people that I know well. Casting is very spiritual and not something I can do with whoever happens to be Pagan today. I cast with people who are serious about their craft and with people who can easily flow into different ways of casting.

One On One Casting: I like to do one on one casting more than group casting because it's more likely that 2 people will connect with one another than 4 or 5. Also I've noticed that when I do one on one casting, it's usually either to teach someone in the ways of the craft, or to learn from someone the ways of the craft. So far in my life, I haven't had many "tutors" in the Pagan arts, save people my own age and books. This is something I would like to change. I would love to be the apprentice of an accomplished witch someday.

My Pagan Dream: I have a vision of where, what, and who I will be someday. This vision includes apprenticing with a wise witch, going on to being a teacher to many, and owning my own Pagan shop somewhere like California or Arizona. My dream will take a lot of time, energy & patience to fulfill, but one day I will live my dream! :)

Favorite Stone: I have 3 favorite stones...
1. Petrified Wood
2. Picasso Marble
3. Lapis Lazuli

Favorite Tree: I also have 3 favorite trees!
1. Willow
2. Yew
3. Birch

Favorite Herb: My favorite herb is vervain/verbena, which is great for a lot of things including warding off psychic attacks (it has worked for this purpose for me).

Favorite Flower: Again, I have 3 favorites here!
1. Blue Roses
2. Red Verbena Flowers
3. Red or Orange Lillies

Favorite Pagan Authors:
1. Scott Cunningham
2. Claire Nahmad
3. Edain McCoy (Celtic Myth & Legend)

Favorite Pagan Films:
1. Merlin (Hallmark Film)
2. The Craft
3. Practical Magic
4. The Crucible

Favorite Elements In Order:
1. Earth
2. Water
3. Fire
4. Air

About My Craft: With Mother Earth & Father Time as my deities, you can imagine what most of my craft has to do with. For about 2 years, I have dedicated myself to learning about time magick. Many people have told me that this doesn't exist. I then ask them what they call divination, past life regression, prophetic dreams, etc. Truth is, time magick does exist, it's just never been called that before (outside of fiction). When I'm not learning about time magick, I'm centering myself with the Earth. I have always loved traipsing around the woods having would-be conversations with the trees and animals. Once I found Paganism, I realized that just being with the Earth is religion enough! Frank Lloyd Wright once said "I believe in God, only I spell it Nature." and I agree with him! 

Right at this very moment, I can't think of what else to write here! If I think of more, I will edit the post. If you have any questions, or would just like to chat, feel free to leave a comment!!!

-Anouchka <3

I found this awesome picture by Gingurr on deviantart!

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