Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Night After The Full Moon... Traditionally Known As... The Night After The Full Moon

Tonight is the night! I will be staying in tonight for solitary casting. Raising energies last night with my friends was nice, but I've got some me stuff that's been on a waiting list for a while now! :P Such a list may include the following:

-Chakra Balancing Meditation (CharmingPixieFlora's Guided Meditation)
-Blessing/Charging new ritual items
-Finishing the writing portions of a few new spells
    *Calling Thundersnow
    *Time Witch's Rune
    * Binding My Book To Myself
    *Time Circle
    *Cleansing the Self of Negative Energies
    *Against Powers of Persuasion
-Meditations with Chronos/Gaia/Clio (Chronos: God of Time, Gaia: Goddess of the Earth, Clio: Muse of History)
-Redrawing my Dementor
-Meditations I've found on friend's blogs
-Making an outline for a project I'm working on about Time (surprise, surprise)
-Writing a blog post about totem animals, and including descriptions of mine.

The point of tonight is to realign myself with my personal craft. In recent months, I haven't been as close to my spirituality as I'd like to be. Tonight will be dedicated to pulling myself back into the groove of things. And then of course, I might watch an episode of Buffy, or something. Maybe Harry Potter (which was my inspiration for the Dementor). Point is, tonight is for me. :) Talk soon!

Image: Clio, Muse of History (from Wikipedia)

Peace, Love & Light,


  1. I LOVE CharmingPixieFlora! She's such a sweetie! And I love thundersnow, and I love Harry Potter. :D High-five for being awesome! Anyway, I know exactly what you mean about feeling out of line with the Craft now and then. I find it happens to me most often in the winter, since I spend so much less time outside, between school an it generally being cold.

    1. She is really great! The first video of hers I ever saw was about how to make black scrying mirrors. I made them for all my Pagan friends for Yule :) and 2 for myself, lol. I think Winter is also my biggest time of craft-drifting. It snowed here today though, which gave me lots and lots of energy and inspiration for casting and such! *high five's back for being equally awesome*