Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tonight's Full Moon

There were many things I hoped to accomplish tonight... there weren't so many things actually accomplished, lol. I didn't get to bless my new ritual objects, and I didn't get to write the new spells I've been working on.

I did however get to perform my Colleda Snow Charm. I left her an offering of Fey Milk outside after reciting my spell. I'm hoping to see some snow in the next few days now! :) If not, however, I am working on a snowstorm spell that has a *bit* more power behind it which includes the Greek deities Boreas, Chione, and last but not least Zeus. Hopefully this will get the job done! We need snow before February!!!

The reason I was pulled away from my Esbat activities is that one of my dear friends needed me to come by for a while. He was having a tough time, so three of us got together and did some casting. It was a nice evening all in all. I am hoping to get more of my solitary casting done tomorrow night! Until then!

 Boreas, Chione, & Zeus

Peace, Love & Light On This Full Moon Night,

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  1. I hope it helps, I'm really hoping for some snow as well. I'm not exactly sure what's happening this winter but it's scaring me. There is something seriously wrong when Wisconsin doesn't have snow by January 10th. If something doesn't change drastically we are going to have the mother of all Wisconsin Droughts this summer.