Friday, February 24, 2012

Air; Elemental Training Planning (part one)

I've started making sort of a lesson plan for myself for my Air Training. I will be waking up just before Dawn every morning to work with this element. Dawn is the best time of day to work with Air.

I've made a list of tools I will be using while working with the element, and spells I want to accomplish before I move on to the next element.

  (a white-handled knife)
*An Amethyst Crystal
*My Air Stones
  (translucent stones that look as though they are filled with air. I have always seen these as "air stones.")
*An Air Candle
  (a pillar candle, either yellow or white, used specifically for this element)
*Incense/Incense Burner
*A Glass Bottle 
  (to use as a wind instrument, as I do not own one)

Spells to Accomplish:
*Invoking the 4 Winds (Scott Cunningham)
*Tie Up Your Troubles (Scott Cunningham)
*To Vanquish Fear (Scott Cunningham)
*To Communicate With An Absent Friend (Scott Cunningham)
*Several Raising Wind Spells (Scott Cunningham)
*Recovering Lost Items (Scott Cunningham)
*Stress Spell (Reference: Sally Dubats)
*To Bring Peace Among Friends (Reference: Sally Dubats) 
*To Break Bad Habits (Reference: Sally Dubats) 
*To Call Artistic Talent (Reference: Sally Dubats) 
*Dawn Bolline Blessing (Reference: Sally Dubats)
*Air [smoke, steam, fog, clouds, etc.] Scrying (Reference: Sally Dubats) 
*To Communicate With Spirits On The Wind (Self)
*Smoke Binding (Self)
*Meditation Techniques (Self)
*Cleansing (Self)
*Calm As A Gentle Breeze (Self)
*To Recall Lost Memories (Self)
*Tai-Chi-like Morning Meditation (Self)
*To Hear The Voices Of The Wind (Self)
*To Send A Message Through The Air (Self)
*Invoking A Muse (Self)
*Mental Focus (Self)
*To Make A Decision (Self)
*Send Away Negativity (Self)

+I am sure more will be added to this list as my training progresses. These are just the list of spells I know I want to accomplish as of right now.

That's all for today! I said I'd keep my blog updated with plans & progressions of my elements trainings! :) Keep yourself updated, and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them! <3

Be Seeing You!

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