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This is my BOS entry about the God of Opportunity. 


Alternate names: Occasio or Tempus, both Roman
God of Opportunity or the Opportune Moment
Consort: Fortuna
Correspondences: Razors, Scales, Locks of Hair, the Image or Act of Tip-Toe

Aesop's Fables #536: Opportunity (translated by Laura Gibbs)
Running swiftly, balancing on the razor's edge, bald but with a lock of hair on his forehead, he wears no clothes; if you grasp him from the front, you might be able to hold him, but once he has moved on not even Jupiter himself can pull him back: this is a symbol of Opportunity, the brief moment in which things are possible.

The word Kairos (Caerus) is defined by Wikipedia as "a passing instant when an opening appears which must be driven through with force if success is to be achieved." 

The god Caerus is the youngest child of Zeus & is always represented as a beautiful, young man. As he is always running, representations of Caerus are usually seen with him standing tip-toe. He has a bald head except for one single lock of hair on the forehead. This lock of hair represents the fact that you can grasp Opportunity when you see it coming, but once it passes you by, seizing the moment is no longer a possibility.

Another way Caerus can be represented is through certain runes. Ing, the rune of right moments tells us that the Opportune Moment has arrived & to pursue current tasks. Isa, the rune of wrong moments does the opposite, telling us that they Opportune Moment has either passed us by or has not yet come & that until the time is right, we should halt current projects. 

Ing and Isa

Caerus can send us this message outside of runes as well. Through visions & meditations, seeing scales balancing on a sharp edge is Caerus' way of showing the fleeting moment in which opportune occasions come (Ing) and go (Isa). 

Whether it is a favorable occasion or a critical one, Caerus is the god of moments, and if you pay attention, he will show you the opportune time.

Caerus/Kairos (wikipedia)

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