Sunday, February 26, 2012

Leap Day Activies!

It's not every year that we have a February 29th! Every 4 years, we have an extra day. This year, I have decided to challenge anyone who reads this blog...

Find something creative, inventive, and productive to spend your extra day doing! If you're Pagan, find some special spellwork to do on this day... maybe there's a spell or ritual you have been meaning to do but could not find the time? Or maybe you want to create a ritual or spell in honor of Leap Day? I think I will probably do both. Whatever you choose to do, make it special! Take advantage of this extra moment!

I myself am planning on getting together with my pagan group to do some spell casting. I'm hoping they will do some planning for special spellwork they want to do that day/night too (hint, hint, guys)!

I don't have it written out in ritual form yet, but I am planning on making an offering of some sort to Caerus/Kairos, God of Opportunity. He represents moments and the Opportune Moment. I figured Leap Day is the best day to celebrate and honor him, as it only comes once every 4 years (making it a special moment)! I will include this rite in my blog about my activities on Leap Day!

Anyway, I urge you all to take this challenge! You could do spellwork, something you've been meaning to do, something utterly ridiculous and fun, anything! Just take advantage of your extra day somehow!

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