Friday, February 17, 2012

Notebooks & Brooms

Hi there! Recently I've been thinking and talking a lot about working with the elements. I want to keep sort of a journal about each element I work with. Luckily, I asked mom, and she said she will buy me a 5 subject notebook at the beginning of March. This is perfect timing, because I wanted to start my element-training at the beginning of the spring, when I can sit out with nature and learn in my natural element, Earth. I feel much more capable when it comes to magick when I am outdoors with the trees and the rest of nature surrounding me. I am very much looking forward to beginning my elemental studies. While my magick works well already, I have a feeling that it will work much better & smoother once I learn everything I can about each one of the elements.

In other news, I have never had, but have always wanted, my own broom. One of my friends is gifting me their broom, and this is very good and special news to me! I love the broom, and am very excited to begin learning different broom rituals.

So, I just wanted to throw up a quick update!

Be Seeing You!

My broom <3

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