Monday, March 19, 2012

Working Names - PaganSpace Post

Lately, if I have a Pagan related question, I post it to the forums. Today I had one regarding Craft Names, and I thought I'd also share the question here...

A while back, I was reading an Ann Moura book called Grimoire for the Green Witch and read about Craft Names of which there are 3: Craft Name, Working Name, and Eke Name.

The Working Name is supposed to be a secret name that you reveal to no one which is bestowed to you by your deity(ies). I put thought into these things at the time, but over time stopped thinking about it as much.

Last night on my walk, I was letting the wind guide me, and I experienced something very interesting. I was addressed by what I see as Gaia, Mother Earth. She called me by a name that I have never heard before, but knew was mine.

I'm wondering A. if anyone has heard of Working Names before (I've heard that Ann Moura isn't very credible) and B. if anyone can tell me if I just received mine?

Be Seeing You! 

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