Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Reinvention Means a New Craft Name

Ever since my time of questioning & realization, I have been searching for a new Craft Name. Anouchka no longer fits me. It has associations connected to it that I don't want anymore, and I feel that if I continued to use it, it would only weigh me down in some ways.

At first, I considered Horatia; it means "hour," and it's the female equivalent of a name I have always loved: Horatio. What I don't like, however, is how grandiose it sounds. A lot of people who choose Craft Names choose them to make themselves sound important. I want something that describes me. After doing some research and digging, I found a 3 names that fit me in an amazing way.

Kieran Horatia Owain. I will introduce myself as Kieran Owain, however, just as I would introduce myself as Annie Showers-Curtis rather than Annie Elizabeth Showers-Curtis. I think that Kieran Owain sounds much less grandiose than Horatia!

Kieran is a Gaelic boy's name that I have always been fond of which means "little dark one." I don't mean this to sound cliche or as if I were a brooding goth girl looking for the pessimism in life. There is light in everyone, and there is dark in everyone. The eternal balance demands it. The name Kieran, to and for me, represents the ataraxia found in the dark.

Horatia, as I said, means "hour." Anyone who has read my blog for a significant amount of time can tell you that my patron god is Chronos, God of Time, and that I am doing a lot of research and development into time magic. This name, to me, represents my dedication to time.

Owain (which is pronounced Owen) means "born from the yew tree." Sometime last year, I started to grow very fond of the yew tree. It has associations with time, it's sometimes considered the tree of life or the Yggdrasil, and of course it is plainly a beautiful tree.

Kieran Horatia Owain literally means Little Dark Hour of the Yew Tree, and I feel that this name fits me well. I've made a Facebook Page under this name for purpose of connecting with other pagans or spiritualists. Feel free to add me: Kieran Owain

Be Seeing You!

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