Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Yahoo Answers -_-

Hello everybody.

Today's post isn't the happiest. A long time ago, I posted on Yahoo Answers looking for information on time magick. At the time, I had a few sources like Edain McCoy and a line out of a Scott Cunningham book to show what I was talking about, but the answers that I received were all very negative; people said "time magick isn't real, stop watching Charmed," basically.
Well the other day I got Scott Cunningham's new book Cunningham's Magical Sampler. I made a new question on Yahoo Answers titled "Looking for Time Magick," and cited the book to show that it was indeed a real type of magick, just very unheard of. The comment I got really, really bugged me.

"Cunningham's Magical Sampler isn't apropos. The key clue is that Cunningham's cited work is a magical sampler not a magickal sampler. Duh!

The addition of a "K" indicates that you're looking for some teeny-bopper fluff bunny essay. Of course no bona fide "pagan" author worth their salt has ever published teeny-bopper fluff bunny sh@t and maintained their good reputation as a bona fide pagan author worth their salt."

I am pretty sure I have posted to this blog that I am a pagan practitioner of over 7 years, and that I use the K at the end of magick to differentiate between pagan magick and magic out of a hat magic. It's a personal choice that I started doing years ago. I'm not a Wiccan "teeny bopper fluff bunny," which is what this person was talking about. I can't stand Wiccans. They (usually) follow Lady Sheba's Book of Shadows, which I honestly think is ridiculous. They treat the High Priest & Priestess of their coven as human representations of the Lord & Lady, and I think that notion is stupid and ungrateful towards the gods.

So this comment really upset me. It's degrading and it suggests that I'm one of those rebelling kids who look to paganism to scare their parents. Which I am sooo far from. Dating the Christian kid would scare my parents. Well, my mom at least. Either way. This is just a rant that I really needed to get out that may or may not eventually get deleted.

Be Seeing You!

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