Monday, May 12, 2014

There's Static in the Air - Pagan Film Project Needing Participants!

There's Static in the Air is a film project focused on bringing to light the beliefs and practices of the modern pagan.

As a pagan of over 10 years, I've never been able to pin down one singular definition of paganism, and I've come to believe that that is because it's different for everyone.

There is no wrong way to be pagan, and that is why I invite pagans of every stripe to be in this non-profit film.

I ask that you share on film your beliefs, stories, practices, altars, sacred spaces, spells, rituals, and anything else that you believe makes you pagan!

Participants with their own cameras will receive a packet of questions, "scenes", and instructions.

Participants in the Janesville, Wisconsin area who do not have their own cameras will be visited by me to film their part.

If you wish to participate, send me an email at

Also if you have any friends that may be interested, please feel free to invite or refer them to the Facebook Group.

-Anne Elizabeth

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