Monday, August 11, 2014

The Earthsong Summer Festival 2014

This year, for the first time, some of my friends and I participated in the Earthsong Summer Festival! My friend Hayley sold her paintings, Dani her jewelry, and I sold my wands, boxes and scrying mirrors!

For me, it was a really amazing experience. I thought I'd sell one or two wands, tops. It turned out that I sold 5 wands and traded another. I also sold a scrying mirror and a box, and traded 2 boxes. I feel like it was a complete success, and it gave me a huge confidence boost!

The first wand that I sold was my Beauty & the Beast wand. This sold before the festival began to a woman who works at Earthsong. It's interesting that it was the first to sell because it was my favorite wand, and the most difficult to part with.

The next 2 to sell were another two of my favorites, Serpent in the Night & Robin Hood.

Next to go were the two boxes that I traded. One had a triple moon symbol and the other had the moon phases. For these plus $20, Ra Moonhawk traded me one of his legendary wands and a labyrinth heart necklace made of buffalo hoof. A friend of mine has been telling me about Ra Moonhawk and his wands for 6 years, highly praising his crafting, and this year I finally got to meet him! I am overjoyed and honored to coexist with one of his wands!

Next, I sold my Snow White box and a scrying mirror.

Then I sold my Gingko wand and traded my Rustic Rhodonite Root wand for a piece of indigo gabbro, both to the same man!

My final sale of the festival was my most recently made wand, Snow White and the 7 Chakras, which is one of the wands that I am most proud of, and the one that I most wanted to sell!

For the first time in a long time, I can honestly say that I'm proud of myself. I had an amazingly fun time with my friends, things that I made influenced other people's spiritual lives, I met awesome people, and I exceeded my sales goal! July 19 & 20 were all around GREAT days!

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