Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Anouchka's Fear Chant

"Relinquere timor
Relinquere periculum

Relinquere umbras

Mihi lucem"

"Leave the fear
Leave the danger
Leave the shadows
Bring me the light!"


Be Seeing You!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Leap Day Activies!

It's not every year that we have a February 29th! Every 4 years, we have an extra day. This year, I have decided to challenge anyone who reads this blog...

Find something creative, inventive, and productive to spend your extra day doing! If you're Pagan, find some special spellwork to do on this day... maybe there's a spell or ritual you have been meaning to do but could not find the time? Or maybe you want to create a ritual or spell in honor of Leap Day? I think I will probably do both. Whatever you choose to do, make it special! Take advantage of this extra moment!

I myself am planning on getting together with my pagan group to do some spell casting. I'm hoping they will do some planning for special spellwork they want to do that day/night too (hint, hint, guys)!

I don't have it written out in ritual form yet, but I am planning on making an offering of some sort to Caerus/Kairos, God of Opportunity. He represents moments and the Opportune Moment. I figured Leap Day is the best day to celebrate and honor him, as it only comes once every 4 years (making it a special moment)! I will include this rite in my blog about my activities on Leap Day!

Anyway, I urge you all to take this challenge! You could do spellwork, something you've been meaning to do, something utterly ridiculous and fun, anything! Just take advantage of your extra day somehow!

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Be Seeing You,

Friday, February 24, 2012

Air; Elemental Training Planning (part one)

I've started making sort of a lesson plan for myself for my Air Training. I will be waking up just before Dawn every morning to work with this element. Dawn is the best time of day to work with Air.

I've made a list of tools I will be using while working with the element, and spells I want to accomplish before I move on to the next element.

  (a white-handled knife)
*An Amethyst Crystal
*My Air Stones
  (translucent stones that look as though they are filled with air. I have always seen these as "air stones.")
*An Air Candle
  (a pillar candle, either yellow or white, used specifically for this element)
*Incense/Incense Burner
*A Glass Bottle 
  (to use as a wind instrument, as I do not own one)

Spells to Accomplish:
*Invoking the 4 Winds (Scott Cunningham)
*Tie Up Your Troubles (Scott Cunningham)
*To Vanquish Fear (Scott Cunningham)
*To Communicate With An Absent Friend (Scott Cunningham)
*Several Raising Wind Spells (Scott Cunningham)
*Recovering Lost Items (Scott Cunningham)
*Stress Spell (Reference: Sally Dubats)
*To Bring Peace Among Friends (Reference: Sally Dubats) 
*To Break Bad Habits (Reference: Sally Dubats) 
*To Call Artistic Talent (Reference: Sally Dubats) 
*Dawn Bolline Blessing (Reference: Sally Dubats)
*Air [smoke, steam, fog, clouds, etc.] Scrying (Reference: Sally Dubats) 
*To Communicate With Spirits On The Wind (Self)
*Smoke Binding (Self)
*Meditation Techniques (Self)
*Cleansing (Self)
*Calm As A Gentle Breeze (Self)
*To Recall Lost Memories (Self)
*Tai-Chi-like Morning Meditation (Self)
*To Hear The Voices Of The Wind (Self)
*To Send A Message Through The Air (Self)
*Invoking A Muse (Self)
*Mental Focus (Self)
*To Make A Decision (Self)
*Send Away Negativity (Self)

+I am sure more will be added to this list as my training progresses. These are just the list of spells I know I want to accomplish as of right now.

That's all for today! I said I'd keep my blog updated with plans & progressions of my elements trainings! :) Keep yourself updated, and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them! <3

Be Seeing You!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


2 days ago, while one of my friends was over, I looked up into the sky and saw above me an enormous feather. It was a cloud formation and it was really, really big. I perceived it as a good sign and moved on with my day.

That night, I then rearranged my room which opened up a lot of space for casting and general living conditions.

Yesterday, I woke up and decided that it was the day I should start my Air Training. I was planning on waiting to get my 5 subject notebook to start my Elements Training, but it really felt like the right time to start, so I went along with my intuition.

When I first went to start meditating, I could  not get into it at all. I've never had that problem before. I tried all the different methods I could think of but to no avail. I then thought "Hey, I'm trying to meditate on the Element of Air. Why don't I open my window, light an incense stick, and then try?"

Incense Burned: Nag Champa
Candle Burned: Working Candle
Stone Held: Amethyst Crystal

The Chant I Used:
"Earth, Air, Fire, Water
Earth, Air, Fire, Water
Earth, Air, Fire, Water

During the chant, my eyes were closed. After the "earth, air, fire, water's," each time I said "Air" an astrally yellow light shone brighter.

(dim yellow light)
(brighter yellow light)
(brighter yellow light, like the Sun now)

After this, a few different things surfaced in my mind. One was a golden falcon, soaring on the wind. Another was a golden eye. Just a symbol of an eye, sort of like the Eye of Ra. The words "The wind on my face reflects," entered my mind. I've yet to figure that one out. Perhaps it's only the beginning of the statement? Perhaps it has some deep meaning all on it's own? Who knows, lol. The rest of the day was a bit trance-y, and I really paid a lot more attention to the different aspects of the Air element than I had before. Sound, smells, the wind against my body, etc. It was all magnified. It was a very interesting day! :)

That's all I have for now, I will keep this blog updated with my Elements Training! I think I will be working with Air for quite some time now. Keep checking back for news!

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Be Seeing You!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Bedroom Setup

Last night at around 10 or 10:30, I started feeling really weird about the setup of my bedroom. I haven't much liked the setup for a long time, but it really started to bug me last night because of how cramped it was. So I decided to move things around. My altar is now on my North wall while my dresser is on my West. That doesn't sound like a huge difference, but it really is. I have much more space in my room now. And I feel better sitting with the door to my room next to me instead of behind me while I'm at my altar.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Notebooks & Brooms

Hi there! Recently I've been thinking and talking a lot about working with the elements. I want to keep sort of a journal about each element I work with. Luckily, I asked mom, and she said she will buy me a 5 subject notebook at the beginning of March. This is perfect timing, because I wanted to start my element-training at the beginning of the spring, when I can sit out with nature and learn in my natural element, Earth. I feel much more capable when it comes to magick when I am outdoors with the trees and the rest of nature surrounding me. I am very much looking forward to beginning my elemental studies. While my magick works well already, I have a feeling that it will work much better & smoother once I learn everything I can about each one of the elements.

In other news, I have never had, but have always wanted, my own broom. One of my friends is gifting me their broom, and this is very good and special news to me! I love the broom, and am very excited to begin learning different broom rituals.

So, I just wanted to throw up a quick update!

Be Seeing You!

My broom <3

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Automatic Writing - 02/16/2012

I am not the one you seek, I am the one who seeks you. I do not govern over the burial grounds of those passed over, I govern over the ones who see beyond the veil and into the aether. I am all that is astral, all that is lost, all that can ever be found. I am a force to be reckoned with, a being filled with the ancient powers that were lost in the night. I am creation. I am destruction. I am birth. I am death. I am life.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Petrified Wood, Natural Magick, & The Elements

Hello people! :) I am starting out this blog post with absolutely no idea what the finished product will look like! I'm just going to keep typing and see what I end up with! Should be fun!

The first thing I'm going to write about is something very unfortunate that happened the other night. I was hanging out in a friend's basement and my petrified wood wand fell off of my lap, onto the cement floor, and snapped in half! :( I love that wand, and I am always so careful with it, but I forgot it was on my lap and I moved. Silly movement. :( But hey! My friend Dani came to my rescue & superglued it back together for me. AND it's holding! :) So that's some good news.

In other news, I've been reading this book called Natural Magick: The Essential Witch's Grimoire by Sally Dubats, and it's really pretty useful. It has an entire section on divination! It lists & describes different elemental scrying rituals including single candle, group bonfire, and ember scrying for Fire; smoke & cloud scrying for Air; scrying with a bowl of water, obviously for Water; and crystal ball gazing for Earth. I love the descriptions for all of these, and I am planning on using/trying them all, I just wish that there were more techniques especially for Water & Earth. There are many ways outside of a bowl of water or a crystal ball to scrye with these elements. However, I am going to be keeping a journal on how these scrying techniques work for me, and I will keep my blog updated!

Lately, some friends of mine & I have been very much about the elements. We're working to learn as much as we can about them, and to stay balanced. I'm following the example of one of my friends and taking one element at a time, doing hour long meditations, and then separate work to balance myself with that element. I'm doing this so that I will have a deeper understanding of the elements, and so that I will be better able to work with them in my magick. I will gladly keep track of my progress and post it here! :)

Well so far that's all that's new with me witchy-wise!

Be Seeing You!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Time Magick on PaganSpace

Hey everyone!
Today I made a post in the PaganSpace discussion boards about Time Magick! If you would like to learn more about Time Magick, or if you yourself have information on different types of Time Magick, feel free to stop by & join in on the discussion! If you aren't already a member, I definitely suggest joining! It's a great networking site for Pagans! Here's a link to my post...

Peace, Love & Light!

Time Deities Journal

Recently, I've been writing up descriptions on certain deities and putting them in my BOS (example: Caerus/Kairos). This got me thinking... I don't have enough space in my BOS for all the deities I want to learn/write about if I also want to use it as a BOS, lol. Therefore, I've decided to use a separate journal specifically for Time deities.

If you don't know me very well, or read my blog often, you might not know that I am very interested in Time Magick. I'm actually very devoted to it, and my Patron God is Chronos, the Greek God of Time (linear). This is why I want to learn as much as I can about all different Time deities from various cultures, including Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Hindu, Persian, and more.

This journal will include original writings on each Time deity I come across. I am very excited and motivated for this project! It's too bad I don't go to TAGOS anymore, this would get me tons of credit! :P

Peace, Love & Light!

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Magick Stuff

Yesterday, I went out to Earthsong, Carousel Consignments, and the Salvation Army Thrift Store. I got some cool new magick stuff, and I thought I'd blog about them.

I finally got a nice piece of wood for my Nortia's Board, which I will be able to start this December! :) It's a piece of teal wood, it's sort of decorative, but nothing too fancy. On the back of it, I will paint/write a description of what a Nortia's Board is. On the front at the top, I'm thinking of writing "Nortia's Board."

I also found this really neat little box that says "A Blessing For Your Home" on the front of it. Inside is a scroll with a blessing written on it, three different types of incense sticks (Clove, Sandalwood, and Patchouli) with an owl incense burner, a candle, and a little packet of rose petals. It's very nice! :D

There was this little blue circular bottle that I found at the thrift shop, and I've been looking for a blue glass bottle for a while now to represent Biddy Early on my altar. It's the perfect size, color, and everything! <3 To keep the bottle in when I am transporting it, I found this Chinese pouch-like bag that it fits in perfectly! 

At Earthsong, I got 3 stones: picasso marble and 2 pieces of agate.

Last but most certainly not least, I finally got Anduril. Anduril is a sword from the Lord of the Rings series. It's very important to me because a dear friend who passed away 6 years ago was in love with the sword. It was like his mission in life to one day own that sword, and since he never could... well, now I've got it. It's got a lot of sentimental value, and believe it or not, I found it for $25 at Carousel Consignments. I am forever grateful to the people who helped me buy it.

Anyway! This post was just to show you all my new witch stuff, and to let you all know how grateful and happy I am to finally have Anduril! <3 Talk soon!

Anduril (Photo by Isaac Evenson)

Nortia's Board, Biddy Early Bottle, Stones & Pouch

A Blessing For Your Home Box

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


This is my BOS entry about the God of Opportunity. 


Alternate names: Occasio or Tempus, both Roman
God of Opportunity or the Opportune Moment
Consort: Fortuna
Correspondences: Razors, Scales, Locks of Hair, the Image or Act of Tip-Toe

Aesop's Fables #536: Opportunity (translated by Laura Gibbs)
Running swiftly, balancing on the razor's edge, bald but with a lock of hair on his forehead, he wears no clothes; if you grasp him from the front, you might be able to hold him, but once he has moved on not even Jupiter himself can pull him back: this is a symbol of Opportunity, the brief moment in which things are possible.

The word Kairos (Caerus) is defined by Wikipedia as "a passing instant when an opening appears which must be driven through with force if success is to be achieved." 

The god Caerus is the youngest child of Zeus & is always represented as a beautiful, young man. As he is always running, representations of Caerus are usually seen with him standing tip-toe. He has a bald head except for one single lock of hair on the forehead. This lock of hair represents the fact that you can grasp Opportunity when you see it coming, but once it passes you by, seizing the moment is no longer a possibility.

Another way Caerus can be represented is through certain runes. Ing, the rune of right moments tells us that the Opportune Moment has arrived & to pursue current tasks. Isa, the rune of wrong moments does the opposite, telling us that they Opportune Moment has either passed us by or has not yet come & that until the time is right, we should halt current projects. 

Ing and Isa

Caerus can send us this message outside of runes as well. Through visions & meditations, seeing scales balancing on a sharp edge is Caerus' way of showing the fleeting moment in which opportune occasions come (Ing) and go (Isa). 

Whether it is a favorable occasion or a critical one, Caerus is the god of moments, and if you pay attention, he will show you the opportune time.

Caerus/Kairos (wikipedia)

 Peace, Love & Light,