Wednesday, February 22, 2012


2 days ago, while one of my friends was over, I looked up into the sky and saw above me an enormous feather. It was a cloud formation and it was really, really big. I perceived it as a good sign and moved on with my day.

That night, I then rearranged my room which opened up a lot of space for casting and general living conditions.

Yesterday, I woke up and decided that it was the day I should start my Air Training. I was planning on waiting to get my 5 subject notebook to start my Elements Training, but it really felt like the right time to start, so I went along with my intuition.

When I first went to start meditating, I could  not get into it at all. I've never had that problem before. I tried all the different methods I could think of but to no avail. I then thought "Hey, I'm trying to meditate on the Element of Air. Why don't I open my window, light an incense stick, and then try?"

Incense Burned: Nag Champa
Candle Burned: Working Candle
Stone Held: Amethyst Crystal

The Chant I Used:
"Earth, Air, Fire, Water
Earth, Air, Fire, Water
Earth, Air, Fire, Water

During the chant, my eyes were closed. After the "earth, air, fire, water's," each time I said "Air" an astrally yellow light shone brighter.

(dim yellow light)
(brighter yellow light)
(brighter yellow light, like the Sun now)

After this, a few different things surfaced in my mind. One was a golden falcon, soaring on the wind. Another was a golden eye. Just a symbol of an eye, sort of like the Eye of Ra. The words "The wind on my face reflects," entered my mind. I've yet to figure that one out. Perhaps it's only the beginning of the statement? Perhaps it has some deep meaning all on it's own? Who knows, lol. The rest of the day was a bit trance-y, and I really paid a lot more attention to the different aspects of the Air element than I had before. Sound, smells, the wind against my body, etc. It was all magnified. It was a very interesting day! :)

That's all I have for now, I will keep this blog updated with my Elements Training! I think I will be working with Air for quite some time now. Keep checking back for news!

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  1. Wow, fascinating! I've never had that intense an experience while meditating; perhaps I need to practice a bit more.