Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Vernal Equinox/The Cauldron of Memory

Yesterday was the Vernal Equinox! I had a great one. I went for a 3 mile walk in search of a casting space. I went down near a creek I used to hang out at as a kid and I think I found the place I want to cast at. However, I'm going to check out the creek at a park in town as well. I've been looking for a casting area near a creek for a while now, as I have a few rituals/spells that require one. Also, I've always felt strongest and most open to the world and the Universal Power when near a rushing creek.

I also discovered a book yesterday that is a breakthrough in my research. Raven Grimassi is a respected Pagan author who I have heard of many times, but I have never had the chance read any of his books. This is soon changing as his book The Cauldron of Memory is number one on my Need-to-Read list. The book is all about retrieving ancestral knowledge from the past through pathworking and other methods to bring the past to you, rather than traveling to the past yourself. I cannot wait to get a copy of this book! I haven't been this excited about a book since The Deathly Hallows midnight release.

I ended my Vernal Equinox with a nice Fire Divination session with 2 of my casting buddies! :) It was pretty interesting. We'd never tried a Fire Divination before, and it was successful. We used methods out of the book Natural Magick by Sally Dubats.

I haven't been updating this as much as I'd like to recently, but I thought I would write a post for the Equinox! I'm off to the sunshine! <3

Be Seeing You,

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