Friday, February 10, 2012

Petrified Wood, Natural Magick, & The Elements

Hello people! :) I am starting out this blog post with absolutely no idea what the finished product will look like! I'm just going to keep typing and see what I end up with! Should be fun!

The first thing I'm going to write about is something very unfortunate that happened the other night. I was hanging out in a friend's basement and my petrified wood wand fell off of my lap, onto the cement floor, and snapped in half! :( I love that wand, and I am always so careful with it, but I forgot it was on my lap and I moved. Silly movement. :( But hey! My friend Dani came to my rescue & superglued it back together for me. AND it's holding! :) So that's some good news.

In other news, I've been reading this book called Natural Magick: The Essential Witch's Grimoire by Sally Dubats, and it's really pretty useful. It has an entire section on divination! It lists & describes different elemental scrying rituals including single candle, group bonfire, and ember scrying for Fire; smoke & cloud scrying for Air; scrying with a bowl of water, obviously for Water; and crystal ball gazing for Earth. I love the descriptions for all of these, and I am planning on using/trying them all, I just wish that there were more techniques especially for Water & Earth. There are many ways outside of a bowl of water or a crystal ball to scrye with these elements. However, I am going to be keeping a journal on how these scrying techniques work for me, and I will keep my blog updated!

Lately, some friends of mine & I have been very much about the elements. We're working to learn as much as we can about them, and to stay balanced. I'm following the example of one of my friends and taking one element at a time, doing hour long meditations, and then separate work to balance myself with that element. I'm doing this so that I will have a deeper understanding of the elements, and so that I will be better able to work with them in my magick. I will gladly keep track of my progress and post it here! :)

Well so far that's all that's new with me witchy-wise!

Be Seeing You!


  1. Do you mind sharing more information about balancing the elements? Your post got me interested, so I went to do some research over the internet. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if I'm simply searching the wrong things or what, but I was unable to find too much information about it, besides the obvious.

    1. Well, I am still learning about balancing them better, so as I learn, I will post journals about my progress and such. Hopefully this will help you :)