Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Where Inspiration Lurks...

Today on Facebook, CharmingPixieFlora posted the question: 

"Where do you find your inspiration?"

This is my reply blog!

There are a great number of places in which I find my inspiration, number one being in nature. I've been inspired by the tallest, most magnificent trees and by the smallest veins on the most ordinary leaves. I'm inspired by people, animals, rocks, even by architecture.

Whether or not I'm looking for inspiration, I always seem to find it when I need it the most. Whether that be when I am very sad and in need of a cheerful boost, or just when it's time for me to start writing or drawing again. Inspiration always has it's way of finding me.

This may be the work of Mnemosyne's Muses, the 9 Greek women who inspire humanity's artists. This would suggest that the Muses not only come to your aid when you ask it of them, but also when they are the only ones who know you need it.

In my opinion, the Muses have many different ways of showing themselves. They may appear to you as human; a person you meet and are suddenly inspired by, a friend who inspires you, a family member. They may also appear to you as an animal; perhaps a pet who inspires you to draw a portrait of them, or an animal in nature that strikes a fire in your creative mind, etc.

But to those who are open-minded, the Muses may appear to you in such things as trees, insects, intricate weavings or buildings, portraits, sculptures, even candles. It's an amazing feeling to glance at the flame of a candle and suddenly be whisked away by it's spark of majesty & wonder.

Some people don't believe in the concept of Muses, but they cannot deny that there is a force in the Universe that Inspires. This is a fact of life that can not nor should not be ignored. One of life's most wonderful gifts is the gift of inspiration. With the right inspiration, one may accomplish anything!

Just take today for example: I was about to turn off the computer for the day and not write a blog until tomorrow. I saw CharmingPixieFlora's question on Facebook, and I was inspired to write this post. I hope this answers your question! Blessed Be!

Peace, Love & Light!

Image by ch3shirecat on deviantart

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