Friday, January 6, 2012


I know that a lot of Pagans use neti pots, so I thought I would share this news with as many people as possible. USE FILTERED OR DISTILLED WATER FOR YOUR NETI POT. This is no joke, 2 people have died from brain-eating amoebas contained in the tap water they used in their neti pots. NPR has an article about it here:

Image from Note: this particular neti pot has absolutely nothing to do with the 2 deaths mentioned above. I simply googled "neti pot" to show what one looks like.

Be safe!


  1. What exactly is a Neti Pot used for?

  2. It's for clearing out your sinuses. Generally, you mix some water with some salt, heat it up, and poor it through your sinuses. It clears you out pretty well. I have one. I think one of the reasons a lot of Pagans use Neti Pots is because they are such natural people & would rather use a natural way of getting better than to turn to stuff like pills. Annnnd it's effective! lol.