Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Scrabble Card Game With Mom :)

Before I start my casting tonight, I thought I'd share with you the words my mom and I came up with today while we were playing my Scrabble Card Game. We didn't much like the rules for the game itself, so we made up our own :P Basically, each person gets 10 cards with which to spell 1 or more words. On each turn, you can draw up to 3 cards out of the pile, but you have to discard an equal amount. Once one person has their word/words, everyone playing stops drawing and has to spell out words with the cards they have. Our words today were...



I wanted to share these because I thought some of the words we came up with were pretty funny. "Vomit," and "Vows," were in the same hand! lol. "Reptile," and "God," were also in the same hand together. We came up with some funny stuff! Mom's final score was 485 while mine was 602. :)

I've started a blog just to track our Scrabble Card Games now, lol. I didn't want to clutter my Pagan blog with Scrabble everyday, so you can find more of this here: The Tower of Scrabble


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