Thursday, January 12, 2012

Goodbye Christmas, Hello Winter?

My first blog post today was about waking up to the snow, which was wonderful! In this post, I inform you that today is the day we finally took down our Fraser Fir Christmas Tree. I find it odd that the first day of real snow, we take down our tree, lol! But it had to be done. It was starting to look a tad ill, and a bit like a fire hazard.

After Mom got the tree out to the curb, she told me she was going to be vacuuming and to collect any of the pine needles I might have wanted. I'm glad she mentioned it, because I wouldn't have thought to keep them! There are plenty of spells and things that call for pine needles, and now I have a pretty nicely sized Ziploc bag filled with them. :)

The tree also left behind a little gift, which makes me think maybe there was a fey or 2 residing within it. Among the fallen needles, I found a tiny little pine cone, maybe half an inch in length! I thanked Spirit for the gift, and it is now sitting on my altar. I don't have a camera that can take a good enough picture of it to show you, because of how small it is, but I will have Kyle (my boyfriend) bring his over sometime soon, he has great zoom/resolution!

Anyway! The rest of my day went pretty well. I played Scrabble Cards with Mom again, wrote a blog post about totem animals, and hung out with Kyle! Now I'm off to write some of my new material into my bos!

Baggy of needles!

Be Seeing You!

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