Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cleansing My Bedroom

Tonight, I did a basic cleansing of my room. I wanted to get rid of all the negative energy that has accumulated in here over the past year since we moved in.

I sat on my bed facing my open window with 3 candles lit (my white working candle, my Gaia candle, and my Chronos candle) & cast a circle. Then I did a shortened & slightly altered version of Ann Moura's Witch's Rune to call on my deities & the elements & to amp up my casting for the night.

To get rid of the negative energy, I pulled it through my receiving hand & sent it through my sending hand into a small dish of black sand. I then put the lid to the dish on top of it, took my white working candle into my receiving hand & sent light, positive energy into my room with my sending hand.

After I did this, I took the dish of black sand outside. I poured the sand down a steep hill & let it return to the universe.

When I returned to my bedroom, I circled it three times while smudging with a sage bundle.

My room feels much better now than it has for the past few weeks! :) I think I will feel better about casting in here & stop procrastinating. I haven't felt right about casting with the negative energy that had been floating around.

Well, that's all for tonight. I just felt like sharing my cleansing with you all! I will be going back to casting now!

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Peace, Love & Light,


  1. I recently had move bedrooms at my house, it was my sister's bed room before hand. I painted the walls, and moved all of my stuff in but it has not really felt like "my room" yet. It feels sort of like I am staying in a hotel room, like I can feel lingering energy from previous occupants, maybe this is what I need to do to get past that. Maybe you could give me some tips?

  2. I can most definitely help you out :)