Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Eve Surprises!

I posted here a few days ago that I was looking for ways to celebrate New Years Eve/Day incorporating my patron god Chronos.

On New Years Eve, I went into my basement and realized that there have been a couple of boxes down there since we moved into the house last year. I decided to look through them and see what was inside. I found a BUNCH of really neat stuff... silver goblets; candleholders; a glass with stars, the sun, and the moon on it... tons of neat stuff. But the thing that made me happiest was a glass with 3 Narcissuses on it. On the back of the glass, it says:

Flower of December
As the bridge of the old year and the new, the Narcissus embodies the freshness of youth and the aged beauty of maturity."

The reason it made me happiest to find this was because I was actively looking for ways to celebrate the new year on New Years Eve, and my intuition guided me to those boxes. I know it's just a glass, but I think I will use it on every New Years Eve now, just as tradition and remembrance of this year's events.

I have also come up with a few other ways of celebrating the new year for next year. They include:

*Creating a chant in honor of Chronos
*Writing a poem about Father Time & The New Year
*Setting up a Time altar
*Creating a "traditional" offering to leave outdoors for Chronos
*Making a list of songs relating to time or New Years (including Mother Earth & Father Time from Charlotte's Web, and a song called Voices of Chronos, written by a friend of mine) and creating a New Years Music CD.

If anyone else knows or thinks of any other ways to celebrate the New Year, feel free to post them here!!! <3

Merry Meet!


Crappy phone pic, lol.

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