Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Realizations, Resolutions, & Rituals

15 Days ago, I posted to this blog that I was having a spiritual crisis of sorts. A few things have changed since then.

At one point, I was considering dropping paganism completely. Luckily, I had someone there for me who wouldn't let me. He told me that I wouldn't be myself if I did that. He was right, as he so often is about me.

However, there are parts of my life that center around the paranormal that I am letting go of. Mainly the paranormal which so happened to leak into my spirituality. Of course, I still believe in spirits and energies, the power of the elements, etc. My basic belief structure remains the same, it's mainly the crazy things that I will drift away from.

I have a box that some friends of mine and I were going to bury a poppet in a couple of years ago. We never did the burial because something went wrong, as per usual. This box now contains a great number of things that connect to the spiritual and supernatural parts of my life that I no longer connect with. Sometime in the next few nights, I will be going out with someone to bury the box.

For me, this is a ritual burial. It's a chance to bury my old life to make way for the future that I have ahead of me. These past 2 weeks, I have been hit with many realizations about life, my life, and the changes that I am facing now. I suppose that this box is a symbol of "putting away childish things," quoting Frik from Merlin.

I will probably be posting more often on this blog again, as I have my internet at home back. For now, I say goodnight.

Be Seeing You,

The Box - a Vans box may be cheesy, but it's effective! The
circle is made up of poppy seeds.

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