Monday, January 7, 2013

A Little Bit of Calendar History :)

Hello all!

Today while doing some timey research, I came across the names of the months and their origins. I knew some of them already, and I knew most of the origins for the names of the week days, but I wanted to learn them all. So, here's what I found out! 

The days of the week were named after the sun, the moon, and an assortment of deities. What's interesting to me is that barring the day of the sun and the day of the moon, all of the days were named for Norse gods/goddesses except for Saturday, which was named for a Roman god. 

Sunday - Sun's Day
Monday - Moon's Day
Tuesday - Norse God Tyr
Wednesday - Norse God Odin
Thursday - Norse God Thor
Friday - Norse Goddess Frigg or Freya
Saturday - Roman God Saturn

The months were named after gods, people, festivals, words, and numbers. September through December are named for numbers 7-10, and count from March rather than January. I assume that this is because the year for soldiers began in March, as there was no fighting in winter. 

January - Janus, god of gates and doorways. 
February - Februalia or Februo, a time of purification and sacrifice
March - Mars, god of war (Ares to the Greeks)
April - Aperire, which means "open" or "to open"
May - Maia, goddess of growth and plants
June - Juno, queen of the gods
July - Julius Caesar
August - Augustus Caesar
September - Septem, latin for 7
October - Octo, latin for 8
November - Novem, latin for 9
December - Decem, latin for 10

I love learning & sharing information about time and it's different subtopics. This is all for today, everyone!

Be Seeing You!

Happy Moon's Day (image found on google)

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