Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Place in the World

Hello everyone (for the second time today)!

After my post about religious discrimination, I started thinking. Have you ever felt freed from a certain part of your life? I feel like I'm moving on from certain things and growing into others.

I've put my discriminations behind me. I'm graduating high school, which granted took me a few extra years, but I am doing it. I'm thinking about going to college part time. I'm writing 2 books that I am absolutely passionate about. I don't enjoy staying up until all hours of the night doing nothing at all. I can't stand sitting at home doing nothing. I'm interested in things greater than myself (such as: history of different cultures, astronomy, people who are famous for good reasons such as Princess Diana, and just a general thirst for knowledge).

I honestly feel like I've finally let go of any immature notions that I'd been holding on to. I'm changing into this adult version of myself, and quite frankly I like it. I once thought, honestly, that I had no future. That I'd somehow just fade out of the world. I didn't have any hope at all. Now, I have this vision of my future. I have a vision of what I want in my immediate future, what I want in my far off future, and different ways of how I might achieve these things, and it feels amazing.

I wanted to share this here both for my benefit and for the benefit of others who might feel as if there's no hope for the future. I'm not sure how it happens, but at some point, you will realize and know that you have a place in the world, and you'll envision your path to that place.

Be Seeing You!

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