Saturday, January 26, 2013

R&R, Back in the Game! :)

Good afternoon!

Over the past couple of days, I have been doing some much needed relaxation. For weeks, I've been saying "I'm just going to relax today, no research or nonsense!" but the night before last was the only night I have actually relaxed without studying or researching. Last night, I started back up on my research, and with the break the night before, I felt much more motivated!

As of last night, I'm working my way through a book about druidic practices, as they have a lot of information regarding time in magic and spirituality. I expect to be done with it by tonight.

After this summer is passed, I don't think I will have as much time to research time in magic/religion/spirituality as I do now, therefore I am taking full advantage of the time I do have to go through as many books as possible. I'm very excited for this project, as I have been for a while now. Collecting the pieces is my goal for now. Putting them all together is for a later time!

Be Seeing You!

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