Friday, December 21, 2012

A Brief Discussion of Moments

Hello all!

I was searching around on the internet for ambient sounds for my eternal time meditation, and oddly enough, I found a video to help describe momentary time! Caerus is at it again! Well, as I was watching this video, I thought of a new way to describe moments, and I thought I would do that here. 

Rain is falling down hard all around. There is a leaf that water is dripping slowly from. All of the rain around the leaf is quick & fast paced; but falling from this leaf, it takes it’s time, dripping down the center veins of the leaf until it gets to the tip/point. It considers whether or not it wants to drop off of the leaf until it finally lets go and falls.

This shows us that time does not stop in the moment for anyone or anything outside of that moment, despite how it may sometimes seem.  The world is rushing around us. People have their own lives to worry about. We may be having one of the most intense, passionate, slowest moving moments of our lives, but outside of that moment, people are still rushing about, going to work, going to lunch, shopping, hurrying; but within our moment, we don’t notice them, just as they don’t notice us.

Be Seeing You!

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