Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Night of the Full Moon, Traditionally Known as... the Night of the Full Moon

Hello everyone!

Today, I'm spending time at home in the presence of my craft. Christmas, while an amazing, joyous time of year, is also filled to the brim with people! This year, for about a week now, my Christmas has left me with no alone time at all. That's what today is all about! Also with the full moon being tonight, I have a few spells & rituals planned.

I am going to bless my agate for protection against demons and possessions, which is my original charm/spell.

Another thing I plan on doing tonight is a tarot exercise my friend Isaac told me about. It's out of a Scott Cunningham book that I actually have in my possession right now. I will be covering the windows in my bedroom, putting me in darkness. Then, I will spread out a tarot deck on my bed in front of me & let my hand guide me to a card. This exercise is to help you figure out what card you most align with.

I'm sure I will be doing other things tonight as well. These are just 2 things I absolutely plan on doing!

Be Seeing You!


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