Thursday, December 20, 2012

Herb Stuff!

Today, while I was digging through my box of herbs, I found a jar of jasmine that I didn't know I had! It made me really happy, because jasmine is my favorite herb/flower to work with. I only have about a cup of it, but it's more than I thought I had!

A long time ago, I started an herb journal where I wrote down well-known uses for herbs and also my personal uses for herbs. I only ever made 2 or 3 entries, but now I am thinking about getting back into it. Explaining how and why I use certain herbs seems like a good idea so that in the future I'll remember, and also so that I can advise others who ask me about herbs.

On another herby note, a few days ago I came up with an herbal mixture to bless a piece of agate with protection against demons & possessions. Today, I made the mixture, and now I am hoping to go to Earthsong in the near future to pick up a nice piece of agate to bless. I'm hoping to find something green.

Anyhow, I thought I'd share this random herby nonsense with you all before bed!

Goodnight & Be Seeing You!

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