Friday, December 28, 2012

Blessed an Agate, Back to Earthsong

Good morning all!

Last night, I did my agate blessing for protection against demons and possessions! Right now, it's steeping in a homemade herbal brew until tonight. I have to tell you, last night was the first time I have done real spell work in a long time, and it felt amazing; just being in tune with the elements, my patron deities, and the divine spirit at my altar for the first time since I had that spiritual crisis last month was enough to make me feel at peace for the rest of the night.

Plans for today are pretty awesome. I get to head back to Earthsong to spend $10! :) There were a couple of things that I put back the other day when I went, so I'm happy for the opportunity to go back. After Earthsong, I'm heading to a friend's house to watch Doctor Who. That's always a plus! Beyond that, I'm not sure what's on the schedule of events.

Once I come home tonight, I will be finishing my agate blessing & starting on the experimental phase of a spell concerning demons and emeralds. Til next time!

Be Seeing You!

Last Night's Altar

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