Thursday, December 27, 2012

Earthsong Books & Gifts

Hello everyone!

In my blog, I often mention a store called Earthsong. This post is about that store, so that while reading my blog, you aren't at a complete loss!

At around age 8, sometime after dark one evening, my dad took me with him to a store on a pretty empty stretch of road. I think that we were there to pick up patchouli oil for him; or maybe that's just an assumption I made over time because my father has always worn patchouli, and Earthsong happens to sell it. Anyway, I walked into this store and I was dazzled. There were so many things there that I just loved; boxes filled with stones, fairy statues, candles, spell books, tarot cards, mini crystal balls... amazing things that I'd only ever seen in movies. As dad talked to the woman at the counter, I looked around the store with amazement plainly twinkling in my eyes. This was my first encounter with a store that I would grow to love and bond with.   

Over the next few years, I would ask my mom to take me there, and every once in a while she would. Mainly what I bought there were different stones that I thought were pretty. I didn't really visit the store on a normal basis until 2009 when I met my friend Jean-Luc. He'd been going to Earthsong since he was pretty young as well, and he was pagan. Once we became close friends, we started making regular visits to the store together, and often with other mutual friends as well.

I don't make it to Earthsong as much as I'd like to anymore, but hopefully that will be changing soon. I love being inside that building. It always smells of incense, and it has a sort of calmness about it. It's a great place to find spell ingredients and books on the craft as well. They don't just have pagan stuff either. It's a store filled with artifacts from different religions. Earthsong was the first place I ever saw a "Coexist" bumper sticker, and honestly that's what Earthsong is all about: different cultures and religions coexisting in harmony.

I strongly urge people to visit the store! It's an amazing place.  (Address beneath photos)

Be Seeing You!

Photos found on Earthsong Facebook page.

2214 Kennedy Rd, Janesville, WI 53545

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